Flirty Friday Cocktails: Raspberry Beer Cocktail


I came across this delightful Spring cocktail on Pinterest earlier today and decided to share it with you all. I have done a Flirty Friday Cocktail in a while so why not get back to it with the Easter Sunday celebrations because it is the season of rebirth, why not use it to my advantage and get back to re-committing myself to the things I love to do. Since, my mom gave up alcohol for Lent we won’t be trying this recipe out until Sunday so you all will have to tell me how it tastes. Here’s what you will need:

1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries

4 bottles of Corona beer (12 oz.) chilled

1 container frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate, thawed or pink lemonade

1/2 cup good quality vodka

Garnish: lemon slices, or raspberries.



In a large container stir together the  first 4 ingredients. Serve over ice.
Garnish with raspberries.
To make ahead, stir together lemonade concentrate and vodka in a large container. Stir in raspberries and beer just before serving. Garnish, if desired.

This drink is the perfect combination of everything my mom and I love, I love lemonade and she loves beer. I can’t wait to try it! Perfect for Easter Brunch! You all enjoy and have a FAB Easter Sunday if it is in your faith, if not have a FAB weekend!


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Wendy Williams’ DWTS Juice


While I’m not a huge fan of Dancing With The Stars anymore. I did tune in last night. They had a Disney themed episode where all the partners were to dance portraying the characters from some of the best Disney films. However, when it came time for NeNe Leakes and her partner Tony Dovolani to dance, it got kind of dramatic during their practice session, when NeNe started comparing Tony to Derek, who she was partnered with in the partner-switch last week. NeNe ended up walking out of their practice. Making the situation seem very tense, and just messy.

Now, every morning I watch Wendy Williams and she talked about this during her Hot Topics segment today. She revealed kind of shocking news about DWTS. It might not be that shocking for some, but I was a little shocked. Wendy was a contestant on DWTS last season with Tony and so I believe every word she said. According to Wendy, DWTS scripts everything, even down to the “personalized” camera-phone recordings where stars and dancers confess their feelings about their partners and the process. She talked about how when she was on the show they had scripted her to be the “angry black woman”, basically complaining in an aggressive, no-nonsense kind of way. She refused to do it, because she said she just isn’t that kind of girl. She would say what she wanted, which is why I love Wendy! Wendy, ended this juicy hot topic by just telling NeNe to not give in to the producers and the script.

The idea that reality TV isn’t real, is nothing new to me, but I really thought that Dancing With The Stars was real. The thought that they create the same characters that are created in any other reality show with these stars is really interesting and it makes me ask, why? I probably wouldn’t have turned away if NeNe and Tony didn’t have that little fight so, is it necessary? And is it stereotyping by having NeNe have all this attitude and walk out? That’s what it sounds like from what Wendy said, but at the same time it really doesn’t deviate too much from the character that NeNe has created on The Real Housewives of Atlanta (though I will say she has toned it down a bit over the years).

So crazy! Thanks for the juice Wendy!





Beauty Tip of the Week: Hair Growth Treatments


I just want to start by saying, I MISS BLOGGING SO MUCH! I’ve been so busy lately with some of my other endeavors, has been seriously been neglected. Thank you for all of those who are continuing to hang in there and support! I wanted to post this Tuesday, but, “better late than never”, as my mom always likes to say.

So, last weekend I did a serious search trying to find a quick and easy hair growth treatment. Now, I’ve done almond oil treatments and they’re great, but I’m starting to get real serious about growing my hair out this summer. I really wanted something else I could try weekly that could work towards lengthening my hair. I came across this AMAZING post from (I know it’s a weird title for a website, but just trust me on this one) that offers 27 recipes that you can make at home to help your hair grow!

After carefully considering all 27 I decided to go with “#12: Oatmeal Hair Mask”. Here’s what you will need:

1/2 cup of oats

1-2 Tablespoons of Almond Oil

1/2 cup milk

They said it was messy and…it is. There’s no way you’re going to get all the oatmeal to stay in your hair but just try to let it really soak in the milk and try to get your scalp as saturated as possible by massaging it in. Then this might be weird for some people, but you have to let it sit for like, 15 minutes. Then wash it out. I washed it out with a baking soda & warm water mix because that’s my usual “shampoo” on the weekends (I shampoo with sulfate-free shampoo mid-week), but you can shampoo as you usually do. It’s going to take a while to completely rinse out all of the oatmeal bits so be patient, but after it all over and done with it feels so good! You can condition as usual, or you can try a apple cider vinegar rinse/condition which is what I did. But I’m warning you now, if the smell of vinegar is absolutely repulsive to you, then I wouldn’t do this because even after a thorough rinsing I could still smell the vinegar a couple days after, but only when I exercised. The things we go through for beautiful, healthy hair, right?

I am going to attempt to do this weekly so, I’ll see if I notice significant results and definitely update you all on here. Also, once again, if you are interested in checking out this recipe as well as the rest of the 26, visit I loved that they also broke down how various ingredients work to help hair growth so, check it out and let me know which ones you’re going to try in the comments below!


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Weekend WHAAAT?!

Just a few stories from the world of celebrity gossip that made me say, “WHAAAT?!”.

Taylor Armstrong Marries again

Taylor Armstrong_WW

RHOBH star Taylor Armstrong got remarried over the weekend to lawyer, John Bluher. She was the one that went through the traumatic suicide death of her husband, Russell Armstrong back in 2011. They were separate at the time, but the whole thing was just very shocking and sad so it’s nice to see her find love again and her dress looked FAB! But, I think what I’m more excited about is the fact that David Tutera planned this wedding and it will appear on his show, David Tutera Unveiled, on WeTV next season! I can’t wait!


Snooki Pregnant


Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi revealed Friday that her and her BF/BD, Jionni LaValle, are expecting another baby! Can I just say, I hope it’s a girl because baby Lorenzo is just too cute and I think if they had a girl she would just be so adorable!


Save the Date

True Blood_WW

For all you True Blood fans out there, True Blood’s 7th and final season will be airing June 22nd at 9PM ET/PT on HBO. I’m marking my calendar right now! Check out the teaser final season teaser below:


Amanda Bynes turns 28

Amanda Bynes2_WW

Amanda Bynes_WW

Satuday, Amanda Bynes posted a couple pictures of her on her Twitter account from her bday vaca in Mexico and I’m so happy to see her looking so good! I started to get worried for a second that she was really out of control, but it seems like her parents are really taking care of her and helping her get healthy again and it’s nice to see. I know she’s studying fashion now, but I just want to see her on the screen again.


Move over Jen Selter

Caitlin Rice_WW

So, for those of you that don’t know Jen Selter has been getting tons of buzz on the web over the last year for having an amazing bum. She made an appearance on The Bethenny Show not too long ago and her ass really is amazing like, I thought it was fake as first, but she’s just in really good shape, making me want to do a million squats a day! Anyways, TMZ reports that there is a new “Ass Queen” in town according to Cinncinati Bengal’s star, George Iloka–fitness model, Caitlin Rice. Now, after perusing the pics, I would have to say Caitlin’s butt is a little bit bigger than Jen’s, but at the end of the day who really care’s who’s butt looks better because both are better than mines. I’m tots jealous!


Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney_WW

Yesterday, sad new emerged everywhere that Mickey Rooney had passed away at the age of 93. That’s amazing that he lived such a long a full life. His legacy will last forever.

For more info about any of my Weekend WHAAAT?! news just click on the image, and be sure to check back next week to see what new juicy topics made me say, “WHAAAT?!”


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Beauty Tip of the Week: Post-Party Makeup


I really just kind of stumbled upon this week’s beauty tip, but it was so great, I had to share because being a bit of a party girl (when it’s not cold out and I just got paid), I have been in these situations before. You wake up from a fun, long night with friends and it’s not pretty. So, now how do you try to hide that, especially if you have somewhere important or business-related to be? Check out the tips from Women’s Health Magazine below:

Blood-shot eyes due to smoke, alcohol, or lack of sleep:

Try a few drops of red-eye clearing eyedrops and then follow up with a light, shimmery shadow or powder to place on the inner corner of the eye and across the lid. The key is to brighten around your eyes so people won’t be paying too much attention to redness.

Puffy eyes due to an indulgence of alcohol:

Chill your eye cream in the freezer for 10 mins before application. Lightly apply without completely rubbing it in and let it sit for 5 mins. However, not all of us have these on hand. I know in the past I’ve used an ice cube and it worked pretty well, but it doesn’t have all the vitamins and stuff that eye creams have so, to really target the puffiness under the eyes in a more effective way I would definitely try to invest in a good eye cream. And the original post from suggests a good one.

Dark Circles:

To hide dark circles after a long night of debauchery they suggest using a green-tinted concealer. I’m a little skeptical about how well this might work with those of us who have warm undertones and tanner skin. So they also suggest adding more than one layer of foundation underneath the eyes and just building on that until the dark circles are no longer as visible. Pimples: This is probably the thing I suffer from the most after a long night of partying and it is a horrible display of my laziness. When I get in at 4AM (6AM in the summer) from the club or wherever, I just hate taking the extra few minutes it takes to wash my makeup off. I’m usually drunk and/or exhausted and I just want to collapse in my lovely bed (because it really is the best bed in the world I swear!). So what I do is, I use a cleansing makeup remover wipe. Even though I know I should really wash my face with good old-fashion soap & water as well because I usually get the pimple anyways. suggests doting on a pimple/zit cream and letting it dry and then covering it with concealer and a face powder to follow.

Tangled Hair:

This tip probably won’t really be of use to me because I literally have to wet my hair in order to comb through it, but for those of you that have hair that can be combed or brushed dry they suggest misting it with a shine spray first, working it from root to tip, and then brushing/combing through it.

Greasy Hair, but not enough time to wash & style:

Normally I would go for a dry shampoo in this case but this also sounds like a quick and easy option for when my hair is straight. They suggest flipping hair upside-down and spraying with hairspray and then following up with a quick blow-dry. Now, that I will definitely try.   To get more details about any of these tips and suggested products to use to achieve these tips visit the original posting, Post-Party Makeup Tip, from

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