My Weekend Must-See Movie Guide: 7/11-7/13

There are a lot of good films coming out this week from the action packed Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to the gentler coming-of-age film Boyhood.  I think there is truly a movie for everyone this weekend. Check out my Yes picks and my No picks below, and if you get the chance to check out either of these films leave your comments below. I’d love to read your thoughts!


The Yes List:

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
I’m hoping this will be as surprisingly good as the first one. My mom actually dragged me to see the first one with Freida Pinto and James Franco, and I was pleasantly surprised how hooked I got. I got really attached to Caesar and even shed a few tears, so when I heard that a follow up was coming I was automatically in. This is definitely one I will be seeing this weekend.

When I first saw the trailer to this film I knew it was something special that I had to see. This film took 12 years to film! I just think that’s so amazing, and not only do I think the production and the motivation and dedication it had to have taken to make a film like this possible is admirable, but I think the story is very special as well. Boyhood I think is definitely something worth seeing this weekend.

Land Ho!

I don’t know really have a real reason for why I want to see this movie except for that it seems, for me anyways, that movies about old people tend to be really fulfilling for me being a 23 year old who is trying to be an adult.

A Long Way Down

Not only do I want to see this so I can stare at Aaron Paul 96 minutes :), but it actually looks like a interesting story about four strangers brought together by the same desire to end their life by jumping off the roof of a building. I love films about fate and the intersecting of strangers’ live because it feels real to me, like something like that could totally happen in the real world.

Las Horas Muertas

All I can say is that the trailer intrigues me and it looks that an interesting film. I really want to see this when it eventually comes to Chicago.


The No List:


Ah, another movie about the young, the rich, and the beautiful. My impression from the trailer is almost like The Great Gatsby meets Gossip Girl. I want to see it, but I just don’t want to pay to see it.


I’m not really interested in this kind of action/suspense/thriller. There’s a dozen like it, and I just don’t see anything special about this one that make me HAVE to see it. But, who knows, it could be one of those films that I watch randomly one day on TV, and say to myself, “That was way better than I thought it would be.”

Underwater Dreams

While this film and it’s message is totally awesome, it just doesn’t appeal to me as something I have to run out and see this weekend.

Road to Paloma

Not really my kind of film. That’s all I have on that.

Beauty Tip of the Week: Honey!

clean skin_BTOTW

I’ve been using this all-natural mixer for several weeks now and I had to share with you all because it really is AMAZING! All you need: Honey & Lemon Juice. Yes, it really is that simple!

Honey is such a powerful skin care tool because it is full of antioxidants and good for anti-aging and wrinkles. It also helps with acne, cleansing pores, and just giving your skin a great glow.

Lemon Juice hold a lot of antioxidants and is full of vitamin-C which also contributes to healthy and youthful looking skin.

The original recipe I saw called for 1 lemon half and a tsp of honey that you put on the face of that lemon half and then rub all over your face. Since I didn’t have any real lemons laying around and I always have lemon juice in the fridge I just got used to mixing mine in a small condiments cup because all you need is a little bit. I never measure but I do usually do more honey than lemon juice.

I put as much of it as I can all over my face without it being too drippy, and I let it sit for 5 minutes. When it’s done I wash it off with cool water. It has become such a great substitute for cleaning my face in the evening. I really love it!


Try it out for yourself and let me know how it worked for you!



Source: (you can also find many other really great uses for honey on your skin here)

My Must-See Movie Guide: 7/2

The Yes-List:


I was lucky enough to have a chance to see an advanced screening of this movie for free and I was originally going because it was free and I could write about for you all. I didn’t really think I would enjoy it, but it was actually a cute story and I am recommending it this 4th of July weekend. While it might not be the blockbuster, mega action hit that most people crave for summer holiday movie-watching, I think it’s a really fun movie to enjoy on a hot 4th of July. It has silver-screen greats like Susan Sarandon and Kathy Bates, that combined with Melissa McCarthy and husband, Ben Falcone’s goofy humor, makes a really funny summer film.

Earth to Echo

This just looks like a very cute family-friendly movie similar to E.T. and Super 8. I probably won’t be running to the theater to see this, this weekend, but for those with kids I think this is a great option to enjoy this weekend.


This looks like a funny movie for the teens about a high school senior who is forced to live the same day over and over again. I always wondered what it would be like to live the same day over again, and what would I repeat, what would I change. Anyways, I say, it’s a Yes!


The No-List:

Deliver Us from Evil

Too damn scary! I’ll probably see it someway some how though, just not right now. I don’t think my heart can take it!

School Dance

After seeing Amber Rose talk about this movie on Wendy Williams this morning I was interested in seeing the trailer, hoping that maybe I would want to see it. Unfortunately, I don’t. It looks like Step Up meets just really bad comedy. It’s like borderline parody, and I’m not sure if that’s exactly what Nick Cannon was going for, but it just looks lame and even though there are so many comedians in it, it just doesn’t really seem funny :(.


If you get the chance to check out any of the these films from the Yes-list or the No-list, I’d love to know your thoughts!



My Must-See Movie Guide: 6/27

The Yes-List

Begin Again

This looks so charming. Although I’m not a huge fan of Keira Knightley (her chin is just such a huge distraction sometimes), I love, love, LOVE Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine! I am excited to hear the music and the story just seems lovely. I’ve been a fan of music films like this ever since Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. So, this is definitely a must-see.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

I know the Transformers franchise doesn’t tout the best writing or best direction but I still am going to see this movie because I have seen all the others and I’m curious to see how the storyline will connect or deflect from the original that followed Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf). I didn’t really get the whole “age of extinction” thing until seeing the second trailer with the T-Rex Autobot. Although, I’m sure people are over it, which I totally understand, I’m not and I will definitely be purchasing an over-priced movie ticket to see this film because it just wouldn’t be the same any other way. Plus, I get to listen to Imagine Dragons most of the time? I’m all the way in!

Whitey: United States vs. James J. Bulger

This is just one of the few documentaries that is on my must-see list this weekend, and I’m sure some of you are wondering why would you want to see a movie about a man who murdered so many people and ruined so many people’s lives? Well, I actually am fascinated/appalled by humans who can kill other humans without any remorse, and not to mention the political scandal involved as well?! It’s oddly terrifying, and mesmerizing. I’m sorry, but I have to see this. I need to know more!

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

At first sight I thought that all the technological and political talk in this documentary would go completely over my head, but I still kind of find Aaron Swartz and this film about his life and his passion kind of intriguing, and I really truly want to see it to educate myself. Plus, the fact that Aaron Swartz took his own life at such a young age also really fascinates me. Sidenote: I don’t know why death is so intriguing for me because the whole inevitability of it all actually scares me shitless.


They got me with the idea of an America-less world. What would the world be without America? I must know!


This is a film out of India and is entirely in Hindi. I love Indian films, but I rarely see dramas. I’ve seen a lot of comedies so this looked interesting and different than what I am used to. I feel like it will definitely get a good cry out of me.


The No-List

The following films are also coming out this weekend but have made my no-list. I still have decided to include them because what might be on my no-list may be on your yes-list. And just because they’re on the no-list doesn’t mean I never want to see them, it’s just I can wait to catch it at Redbox or on Netflix/premium channels. But, if you see or have seen (because some of these have been released limitedly) any of these movies let me know your thoughts. Who knows, you might convince me.


Despite it’s good reviews and Chris Evans! *sigh*

They Came Together

Love Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd, I just hated Wanderlust soooo much I can’t put myself through another stupid movie by the same director.

Yves Saint Laurent

I actually really want to see this, but the reviews were so bad so I’m going to wait to see it.

The Breakup Guru


Nothing Bad Can Happen

Too intense.

Late Night Rants: Online Dating vs. Traditional Dating

My Dad can be very random in his topics of discussion at times and today he brought up something that was shocking to him but was really nothing new to me: the rising popularity of online dating. My dad is 63 so I can’t expect him to realize the rise in online dating displayed casually in popular scripted television programming like Chicago Fire and even unscripted television programming The Online Dating Rituals of the American Male. I’m not really shocked by it. It makes sense with our new digital age. My Dad said, “what happened to people meeting people at the club?” I had to explain to him how nobody takes anybody at the club seriously these days. You’re out to have fun, not find your soulmate. Now, I’m not saying it could never happen because it certainly can, but more than likely if you’re not meeting your mate online then you are meeting them through friends or your job or other places where you spend a lot of time and is of interest to you.

Now, I can’t really speak too much on the online dating vs. traditional dating thing because I don’t online date nor do I have a real thriving dating life, that’s why this will be short, but I do have an opinion. People my age use online dating simply as a way to meet new people to hook up with which, in my personal opinion, might be a nice and quick way to find a decent guy/gal to hook up with since it’s likely he/she doesn’t really know anyone you know and you shouldn’t be too disappointed because you hand-selected him/her yourself out of millions. However, I prefer traditional ways to find a mate to date/hook-up/be in a relationship with because…well, I’m lazy. I don’t want to create another profile, on another social media platform, and filter through more messages. My life is already filled with enough of that. Let me just be doing something that I love doing like yoga, walking my dog, working on set for some film or television show, reading at the beach, just something where I wouldn’t feel like I’m taking more time out of my day, I think that that would be a preferable way to meet a mate. But, maybe that’s just me, like I said I’m single and don’t have a million men knocking down my door so, what do I really know?

What do you guys think? Online Dating vs. Traditional Dating, weigh in below.


Love & Share.



Weekend WHAAAT?!


I didn’t watch much of the BBMA’s. I actually forgot about it and turned it on about two hours in so I only watched a good hour, but fortunately (or unfortunately) I didn’t miss Robin Thicke’s ultimate proclamation of love for his wife Paula Patton. Not only did he thank her when accepting his award for Top R&B Song with “Blurred Lines”, he made a HUGE effort to try to win his wife back by singing live his newest song “Get Her Back”. It wasn’t his best work, but I thought it was an honest effort. Plus he looked nice and tan, which was a pleasant surprise. That takes a lot to put yourself out there for the whole world to see. I prefer celebs to keep some of their personal affairs private, but what would this world be, what would I be, without little water cooler talk? I thought the funniest part was when he was on his knees clearly lost in the song and emotion, and the girl right in front of him (his crotch was literally inches from her face) doesn’t have a clue what to do. She’s clearly feeling awkward and I don’t know about you, but I just love watching awkward people. It’s funny. If you missed this EPIC performance, watch the video here.


While Bey, Jay, and Solange released a statement recently hoping to squash speculation about that crazy elevator fight, SNL officially let the truth out in their spoof. It was a spider! Solange was trying to kill a spider and save the arachnophobic Jay. While this is totally a joke, it is a funny theory. I’m still on the side of the Rachel Roy theory Check out the skit here.


Kim Kardashian’s butt is making headlines once again in pictures of her and Kanye out on the town in Paris enjoying some ice cream this weekend. Her butt looks huge! Some people find it amazing, and I find it a little too much, and maybe I’m the only one. I mean I will certainly acknowledge and applaud a woman with a healthy butt. What real woman wouldn’t? A lot of work goes into achieving a healthy backside! However, I can’t really appreciate Kim’s, it’s just awkwardly big. It’s just so BIG! But I guess it would take an enormous amount of confidence to pull off a big butt because you know that people are going to be gawking at it no matter where you go. That would make me feel uncomfortable, but I guess it works for her. I am excited to see to see her wedding dress this time around though!


Rob Kardashian has been struggling with his weight and I recently saw a picture as of late that him looking quite heavy. I’m not sure how recent this is because today was this first I’ve seen this photo. I’ve even read reports that it is unsure if he will even attend his sister’s wedding for fear of the negative media attention he will get. I hope that’s not true. The wedding isn’t for another month he can go hard in the gym for 30 days and look better than he did before. I believe in you Rob!


Rihanna is a bully. I’m not really surprised. I love Rih for her fashion edginess, but as a person, at least through the media, she doesn’t seem like a fun person to be around. Lately she put a fan of hers on blast on twitter for the way she copied her one her red carpet looks from 2010. The girl, Alexis Carter, 16, wore the ensemble that was custom-made for her by a family friend to her Hollywood-themed prom. So innocent right? Now, she’s expecting an apology from Rihanna. I doubt she’ll get it, but she should because mocking a child that is 10 years your junior is low and juvenile. Check out more about this story here.


Love & Share





Late Night Rants: Living with Parents

With a new crop of kids out there graduating this month I wanted to talk about what might be the absolute inevitable, and a nightmare for most–moving back in with your parents. The idea of moving back with my parents was never anything I really cringed at, but I also wasn’t super stoked to do it either. Now that it has been a year since I graduated college I definitely didn’t think I would be here as long as I have, but if I’ve learned anything after graduating, it is the fact that things definitely don’t turn out how you expect them to. I love my parents they are actually the coolest parents in the world and I know it could be worse, but having an apartment on my own was a dream. The main reason: being able to come and go with out a word. Now, I have to tell my parents where I’m going and who I’m seeing before I go anywhere. I guess they care about my well-being, but I also feel like I’m a bit too old. However, I deal because they’re my parents and I respect them. Over time I feel like I have gotten more and more used to living with my parents again. Of course I can’t do the same things I used to do when I was away at school like have friends over whenever and be up all night joking and drinking and dancing. I think that’s the number one thing I miss the most about living on my own, is having fun for FREE! Now to have fun I have to go out and going out means spending money, which I don’t have because I’m not making any REAL money yet! It’s quite frustrating. 

A friend of mine recently texted me about moving to Chicago and asked if I wanted to room with her. I wanted to scream, “YES! Just tell me when and I’m there!” But, instead I told her only if my financial situation changed drastically, because honestly I have been living rent-free and utilities-free for a year. Do I really want to give all that up for a little bit more freedom? I’ve been living for free so long I don’t want to pay to live anywhere especially in my own hometown! I’m trying to figure out who do I know in LA, NY, and ATL that will let me live with them for free or the SUPER cheap? Plus, am I really getting more freedom by living on my own? Sure I can have social gatherings and come & go without a word, but for a hefty price. I wouldn’t have the money to travel across the country like I want to try to work in different cities with different crews and different talent. I’d be trapped in the very city that I said I would leave (I love Chicago, but I’ve been here my whole life)!

What I really wanted to get at with this rant was to let all those kids out there, that are about to graduate and don’t want to move back with their parents but really don’t have a choice, is that you will be okay. Enjoy it. Save money! If you are blessed with a salary job right out of college (with great benefits), live with your parents! You will save so much money. You can travel without having to worry about the other bills you have to pay first. Eat for free, enjoy free cable (HBO, Showtime, all that extra stuff you will never have if you were on your own), free internet (for crying out LOUD!), free water, free heat, free ac, free washer/dryer (that you don’t have to walk/drive to, pay for, and wait 2 hours to finish because you’re afraid someone will steal your clothes), just enjoy it! Because I have been on the other side the non-college-living-on-your-own life, and whenever I get frustrated about my situation now I just think about that and I feel much, MUCH better. 

Now, I’m not going to live with my parents forever. That would kill me. But, I will enjoy it while I can, and not only the benefits, but the fact that I am living with my parents, my best friends, people I really love with all my heart because I know I won’t have them with me forever.


Love & Share.